Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Right On Your Heels!

Former Fat Lady seemed to have abandoned you right as it started to get good around this place!!

Where'd she go?!

Well, I received visitors from the States on the exact same day we kicked off the Christmas Crunch. Which means I spent lots more time in the kitchen dazzling my Aunt and Uncle with all my culinary expertise. It also meant I ate more food and desserts than I needed. There was no time for exercise, only church activities, sight seeing and some much needed fellowship.

Life seems to be pretty much back to it's normal hectic pace, but a pace that is much more manageable. I've adapted well to suits me just fine.

So....with the disclaimer out of the way, this is what I have to say......YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!!

I'm right on your heels! Spent some time at the gym today and tried to eat well. Now as soon as I figure out how to work that fancy ticker thing over on the sidebar, I'm going to do some updating! You guys have all those fancy looking ones and I can't even figure out how to add a point...gggaahhhh...give a technologically challenged girl a break, would ya!?

I'm coming on strong!! You better get to crunchin'!

Now.....back to the rules section to learn about those pesky tickers...


Dani Joy said...

woooo hoooo!!! My dear friend is back in Crunchin´Business!! I am so happy!! I could cry!! Ok so I am emotional these days.

I feel a sigh comeing from deep within me. ;) All is right in our neck of the woods from Gijón over to Barcelos!

Big crunchin´hug to you my Nina!!

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

oh and btw... I read that chat about me being a show off!! LOL

Caught in the act!

I did do a kilometer in the pool today and a 15 min. hussle walk to karate with the boys! Boy did I need to eat! had a huge croissant only to find out they have like almost 300 cal.!!!

So glad you will be crunching!

Dani Joy

Becka said...

When you learn how to work it will you please let me know,

we are way ahead ,,lol
good to have you back,
love ya,

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Come'on girl! Happy to have you aboard:)
Glad you got a visit from family... that's always refreshing!