Monday, November 2, 2009

My diet plan..

Its me Big Mama Hot Cakes,
On last week I used those few days just to cut back..slowly.
And set goals for myself,trying to make up my mind ,
What diet I was going to do ??
And the winner is......

The heart diet,,,
I was some what sure this was it ,
And made my mind up on yesturay,
got a girl at church doing it with me,so that will help also,seeing someone to say,,
"How you doing on that diet "
So anyway ,This monday is the real deal,
I'm so happy ladies,,,I'm thinking SKINNY,SKINNY ,,:O)

If you like to try this diet ,help yourself,
And let me know how its working for you,,,

Have a great monday ladies,,,


Madridmom said...

My in-laws did a diet like this once but then found out from their doctor that they can't have grapefruit/ grapefruit juice because it interacts with their medications. Just a caution for anyone who has to take regular medication .... you may want to check with your doctor or go online and see if grapefruit juice may cause your body to process the meds differently. I think I tried doing this one time or something like it. Maybe I'll try again.

Mary said...

I'm going to check it out! I love grapefruit and eat it every morning, but I agree that it does interact with some meds...I take thyroid, and wait at least an hour to eat the grapefruit. I don't know if that's long enough or not, but I haven't noticed any changes. Some meds might be different though, so caution is in order..but if no meds, then this will work.

I'm praying for you and your church friend...keep each other accountable...if she doesn't continue, do it anyway...don't let anyone stop you!

Crunchin' with you!

Madridmom said...

I just reread this diet plan and was wondering what you put in your salad. most of the stuff I like in my salad was on the list of stuff that is not allowed ... pepper, tomato, spinach, broccoli, onion. in fact, the list of forbidden items pretty much is a list of my favorite foods :-) and the bulk of my daily menu. Going on this diet would be a SERIOUS challenge for me. i know I did it once for a few weeks with my husband, but that was before kids. I applaud you if you have the self discipline to stick with it. Looking forward to hearing what results you get.

Dani Joy said...

Don´t deprive yourself too much. I really prefer to learn how to eat for the long term. Do this to jump start your metablolism and then maybe find something that you can live on for life.

So glad you are still crunchin´
Dani Joy