Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday - Crunch in

Had to go to a birthday party tonight and try my tips out :) I´m thinking it would have been smarter to take a plate and put food on it (even if I later just threw it out) than to have to keep saying "no thank you" followed by comments like "are you on a diet?" or "don´t you think you should eat something?"

To be honest, the diversity of food I ate on Thanksgiving threw my digestion into a tail spin, so I tried explaining that. Finally with a glass of water in my hand, I was able to sip water while I continued to explain why I didn´t want the appetizers (drank 3 glasses!). Then to my surprise supper was announced, but I kindly asked my hostess if I could just have the white rice. It was delicious...although I kept getting suspicious looks and questions like "are you sure you aren´t overdoing your diet?" We got away with one piece of cake for my dh and I took 2 tiny bites to say I´d tested it and it was great. It has been a busy day, but the food choices have been good ones. Just barely got 20 min. of power walking in before heading to bed. May the Lord bless our hearts with His word tomorrow in His house.


Dani Joy said...

You are so motivating! Great job. I know I find having to explain my eating habits to be harder than actually making good choices. I don´t like the scrutany very much. Again, today I was told not to lose anymore. I don´t want to lose more as if I am whithering a way. which is so far from the truth.

Well, Let´s just keep at it for God´s glory. Phewy with what everyone says! I can´t believe how many opinions people can have.

I find myself wishing we could get together again and I could have you all to myself again. LOL.. I don´t know if you heard me say that when we ewre down there... but I told Joseph I felt so privaleged to have time with you all to myself not like at camp when we all have to share you. ;) jaja

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

I like to think I´m not doing a diet, I´m just choosing better what I eat now.:-)
What I´m doing is exercise to try to shape up my body. And about the food all we´re trying to do is stay away from sugar and white flour. Is that considered a diet??? Naaaa. it´s just a healthier way to eat.

And if we have smaller portions is because is better for our health anyway, instead of filling up our plate until nothing else fits in.

Just just feell like me, this is no diet, it´s just a healthier way to live. That way you don´t have to tell people if you are or not on a diet.

un abrazo