Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday - Crunch in

Yesterday was an emotionally packed day (one of our men from church is in the hospital). We had to visit his wife and around 7 our host (daughter-in-law) decided it was time for our afternoon snack, which I´d already had at home. The wife of the man in the hospital is very weak from lack of food, so I told her I´d eat something if she would, and she said yes. After juice and too many chocolate cookies (who counts when you are visiting friends?) I decided to skip supper because I wasn´t hungry. Off to work all day at our camp today, so looking forward to moving the body a lot. Let´s keep crunching as we serve the Lord.


Dani Joy said...

How is the Brother doing? Sorry to hear he is in the hospital.

I am glad you were there for them.

have fun at camp! What a great day to serve and be used of the Lord!

Crunchin with ya,
Dani Joy

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Keep moving Joy!
So glad that you were able to encourage a friend in the Lord.