Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Crunch In

This morning I helped my husband with the snow shoveling for 10 minutes. I did my Step Up to Fitness DVD for 48 minutes, and I did stretching/toning exercises for 10 minutes. I also accomplished most of the things on my to-do list today. Tomorrow our babysitter comes back after being away for 2 weeks, (she comes 1 day a week) so I should get a chance to go out with my husband to run errands and do some grocery shopping. Woo hoo....yes, the little things in life do excite me.



Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Great job getting all that exercise!
Is your snow dry or wet?
Ours is so dry that you can sweep it with a broom, however living under the Rocky Mountains means that we get chinook winds which melt it out quickly:)
Usually we have it from Oct-April... and sometimes May. How long does it last in Siberia?

Siberia said...

Our snow is usually dry as well. Ours also lasts the same amount of time, but ours doesn't melt. What is on the ground now will be here until melt in April or May.