Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday and a bit crunchy

Well, I guess I haven't been getting enough exercise lately, because we were sent some more snow to clean up. Today's snow was so pretty, it came down in huge slowly floating flakes. It looked like store front snow. It wasn't really heavy, but still too 30 minutes to shovel and clean it all up.

I also did my Full Circuit routine for 50 minutes. I've been feeling a little bit tired today. I went to bed entirely too late for me last night, but I did get several things done on my "to do" list of things for before our trip.

I still ahve much that needs to be done before our trip. One thing I did today was make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup to freeze for the kids while we are gone. We also ate some for dinner tonight. It was so good, and I also ate 3 or 4 mandarins (some call them clementines). It made a nice healthy meal.

Have a great crunchin' day!



Dani Joy said...

you are going to get in a lot of exercise with all that snow shovelin for sure!! wow!!
I wanted to go out for another jog today but it´s already dark.. guess I have to meet with Jillian. grrr!! jeje
Maybe I will do another cardio and then do trouble zones. Gotta see some change! for some points.

Dani Joy

Joy said...

Hey Tami, Maybe I need to pray for snow in Madrid. No, that wouldn´t help because we live in an apartment and there is hardly a walkway...and my dh who is from Detroit and loves to shovel snow (must bring back good memories) would beat me to it!
I´d like for you to post the name of the video (Step up to Fitness) that you are doing, because I think you said you "enjoyed" doing it and I´d like to have a few different videos so that I can rotate them, as I plan to make exercise a part of my life. Thanks, Love, Joy