Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Springy Journal, Becky R., SSFC


Good Wednesday morning here in Spain. I say good because I have weighed (-2 lbs.), measured (-3.25 in.), walked all of the second mile with Leslie, and I'm sharing my improvements with you all. Honestly, I am surprised at what has been done, since I didn't actually do much with diet this week. I did try to watch the sweets (a little) and the bread, but we ate about like usual. It must be the walking and sweating. Anyway, I have made it through the first week and am excited about the coming one. I hope everyone else has managed to faithfully fulfill our commitment and sees results.


Joy said...

Way to go!11 I know you are encouraged. Keep it up.

Ketty said...

Hey Rebecca, very good, you´ve lost 2 pounds, that´s a great start.
And if you keep watching what you eat, and keep the exercise, you will see the change by the end.

Poco a poco, that´s the point.

Remember to saty away from white sugar and white flour.

Now I even cook wheat pasta for the kids and they like it, the secret is the sauce :-)

Sarah said...

Awesome! You did great. Keep it up!

Siberia said...

Good job, Becky! Keep it up and you'll see those inches shrink, and those pounds fall off.


Dani Joy said...

This is awesome results!! Praise the Lord!

You will see it all start shaping up. :)

Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Way to go! How exciting and encouraging!
Keep up the sweating! =)