Friday, January 22, 2010


My name is Vicki King. My husband and I are missionaries in former East Germany. I met Danielle over ten years ago when I was a short-term missionary in Spain and she was first coming to Spain with her family.

I have three children ages 4, 3, and 7 months. As often happens, I have gained just a little more weight with each child. This time though I am determined to get it back off. This picture was taken during a little vacation our family took at the end of September. When I looked at it I realized how much I had really gained (looking at my arms) and decided I would not stay that way.

I would eventually like to get back down to what I weighed when I got married - 145 lbs; but my goal for this challenge is just 10 lbs. I currently weigh 173 lbs. I am tall (5 ft. 10 in.) so I can hide extra weight pretty well. But I really want to get back down to the weight I know is good for me, and where I feel good! The next few months are going to be unusually busy for me (we are hoping to move, as well as all the other missionary wife responsibilities) plus I have three small children. But I hope this challenge will give me the extra motivation to seriously start working toward my goal!


Dani Joy said...

OH yay, Vicki!! I was so happy to see your testimony! You can with God´s strength do this! I am so excited be doing this together!!

Have a plan for the day for your exercise time and no matter what stick to it. ;) sounds harsh.. sorry.. I am preaching to me cause just the other day the phone rang during my work out and I answered it. I should have let it just ring and finished my workout. I lost over 10 min of my workout and couldn´t re cooperate it because we had to get the boys to Karate.

In the beginning I could only find time at night to exercise but it worked. What ever works for you.

We are all here for ya!
Springing into shape together,
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Hi Vicki from Germany! Welcome on board and may the Lord help you in your purpose of weight and health.

KathyH said...

Hey Vicki!!
Great to see you here, we can make "Team Germany" LOL

Sarah K said...

Welcome Vicki!
I agree with Danielle - the best time to exercise is after everyone else is in bed. I didn't ever think it was a good idea until Danielle mentioned that was how she was losing her weight. It helps me alot.
Springing into shape with you!

Nina in Portugal said...

Hi Vicky!! Welcome!!

Siberia said...

Hi Vicki,

Welcome to our group. We are glad you have joined us. Keep at it each day, and you will find it really helps.