Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer request

Dear fitness friends,
Today I have an urgent prayer request to share with you. A dear friend and member of our congregation is in the hospital tonight battling with cancer. If you follow our reports, you will know that after being cancer free for a few months she is now back into chemo and with lots of pain. Today things began to look pretty serious. My husband is with her husband right now; he needs a lot of prayer too. They are young Christians and we feel for them greatly. Thank you.

Tonight I ate bread and cheese with my fruit; bad for me. And I do not feel like exercising, but I thought . . . I am in this blog for more than that; your prayers are appreciated.

In Him,



Ketty said...

I´ll be praying for her tonight. Let us know.

And don´t worry, you can take a break once in an while.



Joy said...

I just read your prayer letter and will be praying for her. May God give you all His grace and strength at this difficult time.

Dani Joy said...

Oh we will be praying! Bless their hearts!

Dani Joy