Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Springy Journal - Food choices Wed.

Ok, here goes.

Wednesday - breakfast - Bran cereal/skim milk/ raisins and 1/2 apple - 1 point
herbal tea - 1 point
rice cake with a tsp. peanut butter and honey - 1 point
lunch - Potato, red pepper, carrot and ground beef bake - 1 point
salad with olive oil and vinegar - 1 point
3 whole wheat crackers - 1 point
supper - sandwich - whole wheat bread, light cheese and ham (no points - I could have had this on Wasa - so not too impressed with that choice! )
5 Doritos - minus 2 points : (
Baked apple with cinammon and honey - 1 point
Post - 1 point.
8 + points minus 2 points= 6 points.

P. S. Tomorrow is my day to grocery shop and will be definetly be thinking POINTS!!! : )


1 comment:

Dani Joy said...

Isn´t this fun! I love counting points for food!

I think you should give yourself points for the veggies and the beef separately. so really for lunch you would get 3 points. Just an extra point you can put up there. =)

I had to put negative points yesterday too. it was a bite but still I have to stop before I bite! jeje gonna post about it right now.

Dani Joy