Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Springy Journal - Joy

We did it! Another 10 weeks of exercising has come and gone. Sure seems like it went by quickly this time : )
I´ve had something really crazy happen...and a bit discouraging. One of my birthday gifts was a new scale, and after using it for the last 5 days, I´ve discovered that my original scale was almost 4 lbs. ( 2 kilos) off. This makes my original weight (back in Sept. ) much higher.
The good part is that I have lost weight and lots of inches. The down side is that I´m weighing in today at just a kilo short of where I thought I was in Sept. Not sure if that makes a lot of sense, but mentally it has been like starting over. But, I´ve asked the Lord to help me to stay focused on the progress and not on the reality.
I could easily turn this into an inspirational post : ), but it is time to go for my 2 km. walk this a.m., so will post the measurements and the time exercised and send along a big hug to you all. May the Lord encourage our hearts and keep us all exercising and eating in a way that will care for our bodies for His glory.

P.S. I never got around to the video, but since my clothes feel looser and...I´ve now had 2 people say, "you look thinner, have you lost weight?", I´m posting a picture taken at a wedding on Saturday.

Chest - 104 cms. - same
Waist - 86 cms. - same
Hips - 107 cms. - same
Left and right arm - 30 cms. - same
Left leg - 62 cms. - today 61 cms.
Right leg - 58 cms. - same

Total Weight loss...lets not even go there : ( My new scale is really beautiful!!!!
Total lost in centimeters since week 1: 4 cms.
Total minutes exercised - 1440 = 24 hours


Larry R. Carlisle said...

Joy, I'm so happy that you were able to continue to the end. Having back problems could have been a good excuse to bow out gracefully, but you didn't! You deserve 3 cheers! Hip hip hurray! :-)

I know exactly what you mean about your new scale. We have one bathroom scale and the Wii Fit balance board (scale). I hate the bathroom scale. I can step on it and weigh x lbs. and 2 seconds later I step on it again and ¡whack! I've gained 2-3 lbs. It's so mean. It makes me depressed. I only use it as a quick check not for official weigh ins.
Have a great day! :-)
Love, Kathryn :-)
p.s. Looking forward to seeing you at camp!

Joy said...

Thanks Kathy. If you want, I can take my new official scale to camp and scare us all!! : ) Just kidding. It is officially not going to be used for weighing our suitcases (and all the church member´s suitcases too!)
I´m glad I was able to keep on and am planning on keeping at it since we are due for a 3 month furlough in Sept. to the U.S. and I don´t want pick up ANY weight.

Ketty said...

NO please, don´t take that scale to camp. A
And I Kown the feeling, we might go to the US this summer and I´m afraid of gaining all the weight back. I need to keep up at least with the walking while I´m there plus I will take the trouble zones Jillian´s dvd.

Can´t wait to see you at camp¡p.

Dani Joy said...

Yes, Joy! Three cheers for you!! and Praising the Lord with you for your determination!

Thanks for sticking with it!

It would be good to have a scale at camp though. I think. I really need to know when i am putting on even a little bit so that It doesn´t start a landslide.

Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Hip hip hurray!
Even with all that happened you were so encouraging to everyone! So positive and dedicated! Thank you for your example!