Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Journal - Sarah F.

The past three weeks have been pretty crazy for me. I have traveled twice (3 1/2 days at a time each trip) in the last 3 weeks. I was worried about how my body would react to traveling, however... I did get my workouts in, and researched every place I ate (the airport being the exception).

This was the first week that I felt "normal" again. I came home to see the scale 3 lbs heavier. After talking to my brother and father who are both airline pilots they filled me in about what the elevation does to your body and water weight. Sure enough... 3 days later that weight was gone. I weighed in this morning at my regular 123 lbs.

I am now back into my normal workout routine of P90X and I have to say that it feels great kicking my own butt!

Speaking of P90X there are some of you who have asked me about this program. It just happens that I complete my second time through it the same week we complete this challenge. I will be sharing my sights on P90X with you all.

As for now, I was to share my new indulgence!!! First of all, I was allergic to milk as a child, as I got older I was able to tolerate it more, but I just never acquired the taste for it. I put skim milk in my cereal, and of course I love it with chocolate cake and cookies - but I am NOT one to just pour a glass of milk and drink it. I truely dislike the taste of it. Being that I turned 30 a couple weeks ago, I noticed that my joints are really beginning to ache. My knees and hips hurt so bad sometimes that it keeps me up at night. I started thinking that I haven't been getting enough calcium... so, someone told me about soymilk. Everything I read said that soymilk stated that it only has 25% of the calcium of regular milk. So at the store I came across Silk Soymilk that has just as much calcuim as dairy milk. I thought "WHY NOT!" Bought it, brought it home... fell in LOVE with it. It is now something that I crave, and I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would crave a glass of soymilk! My husband just laughs at me because the other night instead of having a cup of coffee, I sat on the couch sipping a glass of soymilk instead - that's HUGE for me being the coffee lover that I am! It is a bit on the expensive side, but I figured since it's only me drinking it in my house and that I'm not drinking the regular milk... why not!

Keep on ladies... we are almost there! Stick with it, we are all here for you!

Sarah F.


Ketty said...

Well ,I will have to look for this milk but not sure I will find it here.
Now, I have a doubt about soy milk. I have been drinking soy milk for about 5 years now. Then 2 months ago a friend came over and stayed with us. She told me she used to drink soy milk and found out it´s not good for you at all because it´s transgenic and can cause a woman to develop myomas in the uterus. The "funny" thing is I was diagnosed last year of having 4 little myomas in my uterus, but the doctor said not to worry about it if I didn´t have any pain. So right after my friends told me that I stopped drinking soy milk. Does anybody here know how much truth there is about soy milk being bad for you?
I read in internet both things about it so, who is right?

I don´t drink cow´s milk either, neither do my children. I have read so many bad things about how much junk milk bc of all the things they give cows to have more milk,that I started a few years ago also to give the children sheep milk, which is way less adulterated than cow´s milk. SO for the moment. this is the milk I´m drinking with my coffe.


Joy said...

Hi Sarah,
Glad you are back home. Very interesting about the altitude and water retention after flights. Now I undertand that jet lag may not just have to do with time change
: )
I tried soy milk for about year (years ago - and yes the SILK brand is delicious) but then had a nutritionist tell me that soy is very similar to estrogen (in it´s make-up) and the body can mistake it for that. Because of my cancer background, he reccommended I not drink it. I don´t really think it is bad for you unless you get to drinking a quart a day!
So I began to drink rice milk with my cereal. Uggggg!!! Tasteless. I did buy the vanilla flavored for awhile but so pricey I finally gave up on it.
I now have pre-osteoperosis so have gone back to drinking 1 glass of cow´s milk a day and drink a brand in Spain that is supposed to have "natural" calcium added. I also eat goats cheese and yogurt (goat´s or cow´s milk). I have noticed my nails growing better, so maybe the calcium in the milk is helping.

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies...

Everything I read about soy milk told me that it helps prevent cancers. It did talk about how the Isoflavens (not sure I spelled that right) change to Estrogen in the body. I felt this would be helpful to me just because I had my tubes tied 2 years ago, and then in November had my uterus ablated. Before all this I was having some menstraul issues, and I felt that I would try anything before having a hysterectomy.

So, you ladies haven't heard very good things about Soy... I might have to do a bit more research!

Dani Joy said...

I had switched my sons to soy cause had heard so much bad about cow milk, but now they drink 2 glasses of cow milk a day and seem to be fine. ;)

I don´t drink milk. Like you Sarah. but maybe I will try some soy enriched with calcium too.

Love this post! Can´t wait to hear more about the P90x. I have heard a lot about it already. Joseph said he would do it with me this summer but we have to get ahold of a copy.

Enjoy being home,
Springing with ya,
Dani Joy

Joy said...

Ok, Sarah, what does it mean to have the uterus "ablated"? That is a new for me! I had my uterus taken out when I was 32 because of major problems after the chemo, so I too was drinking if for the estrogen effect. Only problem the nutritionist mentioned was that if you already have cancer (and mine was going into "remission",)then any estrogen (real or the fake soy kind) could make it grow more. So I just opted to give it up.
I do know the studies from Japan or China (can´t remember which country) show that their ladies drink it a lot, and their studies are pretty positive!! : )

Sarah said...


Ablation means that just went in a burned the lining of my uterus off. This was the alternative given to me other than a hysterectomy. I no longer have a menstraul cycle... there are time where I just spot during my usual time of the month. I was having some serious bleeding issues prior to this. So it's been awesome.

Ketty said...

Wow, I´ve never heard of that either, maybe I should go and ask to have an ablation done also, I could live without that part of the month.