Sunday, April 4, 2010

Liver Cleanse

Hello friends, here I am again, I can´t seem to get away from you all if anybody is still reading here.
Anyway, I did a liver clean yesterday. It´s amazing at how many stones I got out of my liver. I know some people don´t believe very much in using natural things but this is great and I feel great.

All you need to use is epson salt, olive oil, grapefruit juice and Lemon juice. That´s it. I know more people who have done this cleansing with great results.

You can also see pics here: Mine were green like the ones shown in the pics, and I got rid of tons of them.

And with NO PAIN.

Ohhhh, and the the good thing also that I didn´t know it was going to happen was that I lost 1.8 kilos (3.9 lbs) in the process. I´m not surprised after how much your body gets rid of. Probably I will gain half a kilo back later but it´s ok, my eating habits are pretty good now compared to what it used to be.

Ok, you can shoot at me now :-)



Dani Joy said...

I am going to look into this! Sounds very cleansing and natural thats for sure.

Thanks for keeping up with all this! love it!

Dani Joy

Joy said...

Hi Ketty,
Not going to shoot you or at you...for now : ) Have a lady at my church who just did this and wants me to try it. I´ve talked with several dr.´s who´ve told me to do it, but in a health clinic, with Dr. supervision, because there are several things inside me that are not "normal" (no, I´m not talking about my brain!) and I could have serious complications. Glad it worked for you!

Ketty said...

You are funny Joy.

And yes you are right, if you have more issues inside it will be a good idea to try it in a clinic. I wanted to cal my doctor in Irún, and tell him about it, but he is not working there anymore, but I´ll try to find out where he is because I really liked him. He even suggested me to take herbs and he works for the "seguridad social".

How did the treatment work for this lady at your church?