Saturday, May 29, 2010

Journal - May 28th

Hi Friends,

Way to keep sweating it! You are doing awesome!

I did not have that great of a week. I went out of town without my family. My brother graduated from college! So, I was with my family but not my hubby and kids - missed them! Anyways, that means not enough sleep, restaurant/hotel food at all hours - not on a schedule at all, water was not abundant, ... you get the idea. =) I've been attempting to get back on schedule for the last coupl of days, but not doing so well. The weather should be back to spring instead of rainy, so hopefully, we can walk again.

I did not gain or lose any pounds, phew!
I did not measure inches, so we'll see next week.

Keep on keeping on! You ladies are great!

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Dani Joy said...

Yes, I understand how it can be. Praying you can get back at it. Keep your goal in mind.

I let a little go this weekend. But Lord willing there was no damage. Did a lot of exercising except for today.

Sweatin´with ya,
Dani Joy