Monday, May 17, 2010

Nina A. (aka - Former Fat Lady)

Hey ladies!

This was me a little over 2 years ago.....

and this is the same me...two years ago....

same large backside! more of the same, over weight me, 2 years ago.....

But enough of that!!!!!

Lets move right what I look like today....

my backside is still big...but it's so much smaller than before.

This is my most serious muscle flex.....much to my kids dismay. My husband always flips the flabby part underneath when I try to show them my muscles!! But hey...I'm working on that part too!!

I began my journey almost 1.5 years ago. A few months into it I met Danielle (Dani Joy) online and we became fast friends and weight loss accountability buddies. We began weighing-in to each other on Mondays. Telling each other how much we had lost or gained (gasp!). So far I've lost 35 pounds and many inches.

Now we continue as fitness buddies, fellow missionary wives and mothers to active kids. My weight loss and over all fit lifestyle has enabled me to enjoy being a mom and wife so much more than before. My husband, who told me I was making him feel lazy, jumped on board and began working out at the gym and watching what he ate....we together are more fit and energetic and I love it!

My goals this challenge are to just 'keep at it'. I'd love to loose the last 10 pounds I have to loose, but they are haunting me and have been for some time. If I could continue to tone up and learn how to prepare healthy foods and choose healthy snacks, then I will count this challenge a success.

I want to encourage you, when I can. I love to track my workouts and to see my progress. And of course, I see some of your smiling faces on there too!


I love you Danielle! Thank you for all you do to help us keep at it! You're like our personal trainer from Spain! (Don't we sounds spiffy ladies?! We have a Personal trainer from Spain....!!!)

I'm thinking about carrying my handsome, muscular hubby out to dinner if you'll excuse me.....ahem...ahem....I feel like getting my groove on!

Sweatin' it off with you...and LOVING IT!!!


Ketty said...

You look so great Nina, what an encourament to all of us.


Dani Joy said...

You da best!! Thank you thank you for posting! you look Fabulous and I love your outfit too! I was so happy to see you! And look at your muscles! Trinity´s picture wasn´t far fetched!

YOu can get those last few stuborn lbs off. I know we can. I too am trying to get 2-5 more off just to have a little le-way. ;)

I love Daily Mile too! I love seeing you there. ;)

It´s so great to have you joining us again! Keep on keeping on even if you don´t use your ticker. teehee.

Sweatin it with ya,
Dani Joy

Nina in Portugal said...

Thanks ladies!


Annie said...

You have done a super job of making your body more useful to your family and Lord. You look great! Thanks for sharing the encouraging message.

Maribel said...

Nina, you look great!

Dani Joy said...

Can you believe we have been at this for this long already! I feels like yesterday.

I am so proud of you!

Let´s sweat these last stuborn pounds off together!