Monday, May 24, 2010

On the Bright Side

Well the dial on the scale still isn't moving enough to say so (little up and down action bah) HOWEVER I bought a pair of shorts when we had a few days of nice weather in March and when I put them on yesterday they were too big :-D So while I still haven't picked up a tape measure (the 10 million times I've been to the store) I'm definatly losing inches and by the way these short feel at least a few :) Thanks again for all the encouragement ladies... Gotta go sweat :)


Dani Joy said...

Awesome work!!! You are shrinking!! wooohooo!! ;)
Well, girl you could be getting points too for all those inches you are losing! ;)
Sweatin it with ya
Dani JOy

~Catherine~ said...

Didn't even think of that Dani... Now I really need that tape measure!!! but it's approximatly 2 pants sizes :) btw I'm up to 27 laps yesterday 9 more to go :-D

Dani Joy said...

Great job, you are catching me! awesome!!! I am soo impressed! I am gonna have to increase! jeje Don´t think I can though .. It takes me an hour to do 40laps. I can´only get an hour all together to work out on rare occations.

Nina in Portugal said...

Way to go!!

I'm very excited for you!!

Losing inches is WAY better than seeing numbers on a scale!!

Sarah K said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go!