Friday, October 29, 2010

CCCII Journal Post, Ruth H.

The above picture is the promised BEFORE pic. It wasn't as hard to load as I thought it might be. I might be able to get this blogging thing down yet. We shall see. The date on my digital camera is set wrong, but this pic is from the last week in Sept./ first week in Oct. We made a quick trip up to Costa Rica and stayed in a little "wouldn't know it was there if ya hadn't stumbled upon it" place that had the loveliest grounds. The landscaping was beautiful and they had a stream running through the property with little waterfalls here and there. So pretty! Anyway, guess I had better get to the point.....

Wow! Some of you are doing so very good, it is really inspiring.
I have lost two pounds (no worries, I Don't Want to find them) so far and inches as well, so I am feeling really encouraged. I am guzzling water like it is The Beverage, and I have noticed some skin clearing benefits as well as the flushing effect! I have successfully stayed away from any soda and even coffee up to this point, though I think I may soon add my morning coffee back into the mix.

I would like to see more of a loss on the scale so I am trying to edit what goes in and hope to see those results in a few days. I am loving the exercise and my husband is loving the great energy high that I have after the exercise.

Keep up the good work, ya'll are doing fabulous!


Charlie said...

Hi Ruth,
Sounds like you are doing really great! 2 lbs. is great! I know what you mean about the energy high after a workout. I am finding that I don't get sleepy much in the day anymore.

It's so nice that your husband is noticing the difference. Nothing like having the extra support.

Happy Crunching.


Dani Joy said...

So glad you figured out the upload. It´s great to see your before picture. It will be even better to see your after picture! ;)

Congratulations on your 2lbs. Kick them out the door and never let them back in!

I too am guzzling water but must be having too much salt and sodium intake cause I feel bloated. hate that feeling. Gotta keep working hard at this.

You know, You should have a ton of points wracked up by now. Would you like me to move your ticker for you. Just email me your points if you would like.

Either way, you are doing wonderful!

Thanks for the update and the motivation!

Dani Joy

Ruth H. said...

Thanks Charlie and Dani Joy for your encouragement! I am keeping at it and it is a blessing to see and feel some results.
Dani Joy, I'm sorry for not keeping track of my points like I should have been doing :( I have no excuse other than that I was just too lazy to make myself track them correctly and things have suddenly become crazier than normal around my place. I'm already looking forward to the next challenge and will try to do better with the point ticker.
Ruth H.

Dani Joy said...

That´s ok Ruth. It´s all for you. Whatever helps you. If tickers and points gets too much but you are still motivated to exercise, don´t worry about the points. ;) I am just glad you are seeing results.

I will do another challenge probably a New Years one If I can get enough interest. I did a spring one this year but I think there might be more intrest in a New Years challenge.

Dani Joy