Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crunchin' In Colorado

Hi All,

My name is Amy. I'm a wife of almost 12 years to my soul mate, Beau, and  I'm a mom to three beautiful children ages 11,7 and 3.  At the end of June I embarked on my weight loss journey. I found a great site, SparkPeople ,  that helped me track calories and make friends who constantly motivated me. My goal was to go from 150 lbs. to 125 lbs, Well, by the end of August I had met my goal, all by watching my calories. I'm now 112lbs. My goal is to find time for fitness. I had a great desire to workout because every time I did I found I had tons more energy. But, I found myself being overwhelmed by the thought of taking time to workout. Through one of my favorite blogs, The Shred Sisters , I came across this challenge. I was intrigued! I started reading and found encouragement when Dani Joy said something about starting out at 20 minutes a day. Now 20 minutes a day is completely doable, especially with accountability. I awoke this morning, read my bible and put in my 20 minutes. I get bored easily so I'm sure everyday will be a bit different, but today I kept switching between sets of leg lifts (for abs), push-ups, lunges and jumping rope. I was ecstatic when I had finished because not only had I met my goal for the day ( small as it may be) I also had something I could report to you all. Let's encourage one another as we enter in this 10 week jouney together!


Charlie said...

Hi Amy,

That is so GREAT! I am so excited for you. Wow!!!!! 112 from 150. What a wonderful testimony. You have really encouraged me.

Let's motivate each other.

Crunching it together.


Dani Joy said...

Dear Amy,

Amazing testimony! Thank you for sharing. You will motivate all of us to keep on. Thank you!

May you find the strength and motivation you need as well.

Crunchin´it withy ya,
Dani Joy

Amy B. said...

Welcome from the other Amy B. I look forward to getting to know you and encouraging each other.

Have a great first day of the challenge.

Larry R. Carlisle said...

Hi Amy,
I think the start is always the hardest. I just restarted exercising yesterday after 6 weeks off. Today was a little easier because of yesterday. I hope tomorrow will be easier for you too. :-) Keep it up!

Kathryn Carlisle :-)