Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy to be here!

Hi my name is Rebecca A.  I'm so excited about being apart of the Christmas Crunch 2010.  It's just what I need to help me start loosing weight and being a healthier person.  My starting weight as of this morning is 221.5 pounds. This is my first time on Dani Joy website.

A little about myself:  I am 34 years old.  Married to the best husband in the world Marc.  We will celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary in November.  We have one child Josiah who is nine and in the 4th grade. I have been homeschooling Josiah from the beginning of his school education.  This year I came up with the idea to make a photo journal of our 4th grade homeschool year.  You can check it out on my blog

A little about my struggle with my weight:  As a young child I was sexually abused.  At the age of 12 I was raped. Because of what happened I really hated my body.  I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror.  I would never take care of my body.  I tried to ignore my body.  I even had some issues with self mutilation.  This continued into my marriage. Then I started going to counseling and started the healing process of my mind. Now I feel it is time for me to start the healing process of my physical body as well. I realized in counseling that it's not wrong to have a physically fit and attractive body.

My goals:
Exercise each day.  Eat healthier foods.  I don't have a goal weight. I had a physical last week and the paper the doctor gave me said I was obese.  I want to be able to see the doctor next year and not have the word obese written on the paper.

I'm really going to step out of my comfort zone and show you a picture of myself and my son Josiah that was taken last Monday October 11th.

Off to exercise!

Rebecca A


Annie said...


Thank you for sharing your painful past with us. I am so glad that God has begun the healing process in you. You are a precious woman created in God's own image and I am so glad you joined this Christmas Crunch. I am also a home educating mother and am with you in this challenge. As Dani Joy told me last challenge: "We do not need to believe the lie that we will be fat forever". Jeremiah 29:11-13.


analyticalwon said...

I'm so sad about your childhood, but at that same time I'm glad that you are able to share it with others. God uses our history of hurt to minister to others.

I'm also really glad that you had a good counselor that helped you realized that you are beautiful in the eyes of the Lord and that it's perfectly ok to be beautiful on the outside as well. (Without feeling guilty or ashamed.) I'm currently getting my master's degree in counseling and I'm glad to know there are people out there helping to make a difference in someone's life. I can't wait to graduate!

I will be praying for you on this journey. Not just for weight loss, but for you to be able to truly see your value. Sometimes we think our value comes from the world or our families or our careers, but Christ alone is the One that gives you your value, and let me tell you, you have GREAT value Rebecca! Don't allow anyone to tell you any different!


Dani Joy said...

Welcome to our Faith Fitness and Fun blog and the second Christmas Crunch Challenge! WE are so glad to have you!

My heart is touched as I read your testimony and pray that God will use this time to continue the healing process in you. I echo what Jay said (analyticalwon).

I especially like this part,
"but Christ alone is the One that gives you your value, and let me tell you, you have GREAT value Rebecca! Don't allow anyone to tell you any different!"

A verse I had to quote over and over as a young adult it Psalm 139:14. I was told once to say it in front of a mirror. It was a blessing to know that no matter what I looked like God loved me. Now, I am working on being my best for God's glory. :)

WE love you in Jesus!

Crunchin' with ya,
Dani Joy