Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hope for Alessandra

Hi Everyone,
I am so new to this blogging so I hope this works. Being part of FFF is so exciting for me. I have been a military wife for forever and a day. My husband is attending the academy on Ft. Bliss. Living on post for the first time ever has been quite an experience. My 20 year old son left home to attend Texas A&M this fall. Since I was new to El Paso with no friends nor kid and a busy hubby, food became my new bff. We get along great!!!! I added another friend soon after. Her name is "body fat." We can not separate from one another. We go everywhere together. I think I need some space and time away from her so I am hoping with everyone's support, I can add more friends to my new life.


sherry said...

I'm here for you Alessandra. I know you have the determination to be a winner in this challange!

Dani Joy said...

Hi, Alessandra!

What a cute way to put it. Body fat sure has got to go away from me, too! Let´s put them on the black list!

Bad food and body fat go away, never to come again another day.

I hope you come back to see your comments. We are praying for you. Have a lovely vaccation with your son! Big hugs

Dani Joy

Ruth H. said...

Hi Alessandra,
You have a beautiful name! I am just popping in to say "hi" since I found out from the latest email that we are in a group :)
Sounds like you have had a very busy life to this point, traveling around military style! I hope that you enjoy this CC Challenge and gain the support that you would like to have. I am also new to blogging, but I love that there is a network of accountability partners here on the blog as well as some helpful advice and encouragement.
In the challenge with you...
Ruth Hanson