Friday, October 15, 2010


I lost one pound last week, and while I would like to take credit for that, I can't. There no was exercising on my part. I will give credit where credit is due: Thank you Mr. Tummy Virus.

Moving right along...

My Measurements.

Biceps: 10 inches
Bust: 33 inches
Chest: 30 inches
Waist: 28 inches
Hips: 35 1/2 inches
Butt: 38 inches
Thighs: 20 inches

And here's a tip that works for me, when I'm absolutely sick of my workout and ready to stop the DVD I remind myself of why I'm doing this in the first place. Should you walk into my bedroom and find a somewhat jiggly person doing jumping jacks while saying, "Size 4...size 4...size 4..." don't be alarmed. It's just me. :)

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Dani Joy said...

That´s a great tip!!! I know what you mean. I have to talk to myself too. Hey, a size 8 here in the States is now a size 4! I bought a size 4 for the first time in my life. It was not encouraging though, knowing all they are doing is adding more material. You will be wearing a size 1, but don´t let that stop you, work for your personal best! God expects our best!

Way to Crunch it!

Dani Joy