Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second week's gone!

Weight:     63.3 kilos      +.4
Bust:         95 cm           same
Chest:       82 cm           same
Waist:       86 cm           +3 cm
Hips:         99 cm          -.5 cm
R. thigh:    57.5 cm        same
L. thigh:    55.5 cm        same
R. Arm:    31 cm           -1 cm
L. Arm:    30.5 cm        same

Question?   Since I gained weight and gained centimeters, do I need to remove points?   :-/


Dani Joy said...

No. Just keep the first measurements and wait till you get back to them and below. No worries. I am still fluctuating on my pounds. If they don´t get below that by the end, than yes you will have to subtract points.

Drink that water, watch your carbs,
and Crunch it!

Dani Joy

Larry R. Carlisle said...

Thanks, Dani!

Kathryn :-)