Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I had decided to quit FFF because I was feeling down and extremely discouraged due to a knee injury. My doctor told me not to work out for 3 to 6 weeks. Of course, hearing that really was hard for me to hear. After Sherri B's encouraging words, I walked away saying "I quit." I wrote an email to Dani saying the same thing. Sherri continued with her kind words all day and I was quick to say "I can't do it." She gave me wonderful suggestions and I said "I can't" again and walked away. After knee surgery a few years ago, my doctor said I would be out for at least one year. I knew I wanted to compete at the American Cup and had goals of testing for another black belt. After I cried and licked my wounds, I was back on the mats training hard in three months. I placed 1st in the American Cup and earned my black belt. So thanks to Sherri, I will not quit. Hope she is ready to hear me cry and whine for the next couple of weeks. Alessandra G.


analyticalwon said...

Often times I find myself at that point where it's just easier to quit than to press forward. Sometimes it seems hopeless and you just don't see any point in moving forward when everything seems to be pushing you back. I understand this feeling all too well.

A few months ago I had gotten into the habit of swimming at least 3 times a week and doing yoga/pilates twice a week. I had been doing it for over a month and made a habit of it. I was losing weight and feeling good about myself. Last month I was put under strict medical orders not to exercise. No swimming, no stretching, no walking. Nothing. My heart was crushed and I just felt like giving up all together. I didn't want to try to eat well if I couldn't even exercise.

The weight started coming right back up much faster than it took to come off and I was so disappointed. I had no one to encourage me and felt like I was a lost cause. Now that I have this forum and I see that there are others that are working hard to get fit I feel like I'm not alone. I'm so blessed to be able to be encouraged by others and not have to deal with the thought of doing it all alone. Whenever I feel discouraged I think of Psalm 46:1 where it states that God is our refuge and our strength and that He is a VERY present help in times of trouble.

Many times God will work through us to help each other out. I'm so blessed to know that even though you wanted to through in the towel, you had friend that were willing to pick it up for you and say, "Let's keep going." Thank you for sharing this struggle of yours that is quite obviously a testimony of the fellowship that God's people have with one another. =)

Dani Joy said...

Oh I am so so glad you aren't going to quit! Please, do keep at it. even if it is just in the eating portion. But hey you can do the boxing, even leg lifts sitting like the ones I did in the car. OH I am sure Sherry came up with lots of things too. OH do keep each other encouraged. I miss you both so much!

This is your competion girl! You can do it!

Love ya and I am cheering for ya.

Dani Joy

Rebecca said...

I'm glad your not quitting. :-)

Ruth H. said...

Keep going, keep going, keep going! I am so glad that you are hangin' in there for the challenge.
I am very sorry though that you are having all of these health problems. I will be praying for you!

sherry said...

Yay! The fact of the matter is that YOU are an encouragement to me (: Here's to dumbells during TV and "virtual" crunches!

Dani Joy said...

ooo I like the sound of the virtual crunches and tv dumb bells!

Please post about them, Sherry or Alesandra! curious readers want to know. lol

Dani Joy