Wednesday, November 3, 2010

End of week three measurements

Weight:     63.0 kilos      still up .1 kilo from end of week one
Bust:         95 cm            same
Chest:       82 cm            same
Waist:       84 cm            still up 1 cm from end of week one
Hips:         98 cm            -1 cm
R thigh:     57.5 cm         same
L thigh:     55.5 cm         same
R Arm:     30.5 cm         -.5 cm
L Arm:     29.5 cm         -1 cm

No weight loss
2.5 cm loss

1 comment:

Dani Joy said...

Great loss in those areas. be sure to not add points for the areas that are re-lost inches. ;) I know you are keeping track. I have an inch to get back off.

Doing great sticking with it, Kathryn.

Crunchin´with ya,
Dani Joy