Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally got some bonus points

With guests coming to our house both thanksgiving day and the day after, plus a special event at the elementary school (requiring that I be at the school all morning Friday) I was not getting the workouts in this week so far. Today I finally got an hour workout in. It felt good although the jogging was much harder because the area I was running in was all hills. I have enjoyed the special Thanksgiving foods, especially the caramel apple pie my son made and the pumpkin bread I made for our celebration. The good news is that the scale is reading pretty much the same as it has been reading for the last several weeks. I am not earning any points for weight loss or loss in the measurements dept either. Oh well.

Tomorrow is a busy day ... services morning and evening plus I need to take the boys out to the mall to pick up some items they need for a retreat they are going to this Tuesday through Saturday. I doubt I will get a workout in unless i can squeeze in the wii fit in the evening.


Amy B. said...

Hi sis. Glad that you got a work out in. It felt good to work an hour yesterday - went to the gym. Did 30 with the weights and 30 on the treadmill. Then took the dog for a walk in the afternoon. It was very cold - even had some snow flurries in the air!
Have a great week!!
PS: My scale isn't moving either - but at least it didn't go up!! Keep up the great work. Miss you.

Dani Joy said...

Hi Alice,
Way to keep it all in mind though. I think that is key. If we keep our goals in mind then we will meet them slowly but surely.

So great the scales didn´t go up over Thanksgiving! that´s a huge victory. I know it was for me, as we were traveling, vacationing and at a retreat I ate way more and didn´t get all the exercise in.

Great job!

Dani Joy