Saturday, November 27, 2010

week 7 doing fine :)

Hello everyone!

On Thanksgiving day, since it is a regular day here in Spain, we got to do something special. We normally celebrate with another American family in the area, but this year they are on furlough. So to make it special, we went horse-back riding after school. It looked like it was going to rain all day long, but the Lord allowed us to have a cool autumn afternoon/evening with no rain. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and I got to work out my inner thighs (great feeling muscle pain ;)
Then we went home for a nice Thanksgiving meal.
Last night I got to do the No More Trouble Zones video. Ouch! I guess there were some unattended muscles in my body; I can tell this morning. Nice feeling :)
Well, ladies, have a great weekend and burn some calories.


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Dani Joy said...

Awesome! Praise the Lord you got to go horseback riding! How fun!
I love hearing what you and your family do to celebrate American holidays. ;)

Way to keep on those trouble zones! They sure are problem areas aren´t they.

So thankful for your involvement in the Crunch even through your busy schedule!

Un Abrazo,
Dani Joy
PS Do you know Angie (Lewis)Hargrave?