Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fun Fitness!

Today has been a fun exercise day. We went bowling with friends, I’d forgotten how much effort it takes, even though we played for an hour I’m only going to count 1 point.

Afterwards we went for food and I made good choices, a yummy leafy salad, even though it was hard with everyone else eating burgers and fries. I did steal 2 fries from Matt but that was all.

Thanks to those of you who suggested the Leslie Sansone walking, I’ve started using a beginners one that is online and finding it quite good.

Happy Springing!


Donna said...

I LOVE Leslie Sansone. I used her all the time--still do about 1 time a week. I love that she gets arm exercises included in the walk. Good workout if you work it hard!

Charlie said...

I love bowling too. I used to bowl on a league. Haven't joined one in several years. It would be interesting to see what my average would be now. LOL


Dani Joy said...

I love to bowl!! WE will have to do that when you come with the boys! ;) We may be really busy though in our new Local!!! Oh please pray! we found one that is pretty much everything we were looking at in the beginning (remember the big empty local) only for 1000€ a month! It is only a 5 min walk away and only needs minor work! Oh I can´t wait to tell you more about it. Please please pray.

Oh back to the bowling. haha!

I am so glad you are trying Leslie. Her voice makes me laugh. jeje

Big hugs.
Dani Joy

KathyH said...

Dani you've found a new Local!!! That's great :o) PTL

We'll be praying it all works out, you soo need a bigger place if the church is to grow, 80% capacity it the limit.

Re Leslie Sanone, I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds her voice alittle cringe worthy LOL but the the works outs are good.

Dani Joy said...

Haha about Leslie´s voice, Kathy. I kind of make fun of her while I am working out. I suppose my voice gets a little edgy too when I am working out. LOL. I aways sound like I am yelling at the boys when I try to talk and workout at the same time.

Yes, we are moving!! Pastor Berg is so for it and is probably coming out in June. Lord willing we will be putting a down payment on the place soon. (one months rent) When you come we will be Lord willing needing decorating and floor plan ideas. ;) woo hoo!

Love ya
Dani Joy