Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Springing, I'm Springing...

Yayyy! I am READY to Spring into Shape. I have been looking forward to this challenge. A little about me.... My name is Ruth, I live in Panama, Central America where my family and I are missionaries. We work primarily with the Deaf at this time, but do some work in a "hearing" church as well. I have three fun-loving and energetic children - They are such a joy!
I had such a great time doing the last Christmas Crunch challenge and lost 11 pounds and several inches. I am happy to say that I haven't regained any of those pounds and am down a few more inches. I also formed some good eating/drinking habits during that first challenge that have really helped me to continue on with my fitness goals.
I would love to lose another 10 pounds and continue to firm and tone. I am doing a lot of strength training and I have a feeling that is what is stalling me out a bit on seeing actual pounds come off. I feel a LOT stronger and have had to buy new clothes and alter some of the old clothing, so I am not really complaining. I think I need to keep refining my food choices though as I am a lot hungrier the more I exercise.


Height - 5.6
Starting weight - 148 lbs.
Bust - 38"
Upper Arms - 12" and 11 1/2"
Waist - 31"
Hips - 38"
Thighs - 21" and 20 1/2 "

Nice to "meet" you all!


Dani Joy said...

Girl, You would have won too, had you posted your points! lol Way to go on the 11lbs lost! I didn´t realize it was so much. Praise the Lord!

I will try to link your first post with this one as you had pictures on it.

I am so glad you want to Spring into shape with us.

Oh about the food choices. If you add more protein into your diet you will stay fuller longer. you should probably be eating at least 5- 6 times a day.

Springing with ya
Dani Joy

Landry ladies said...

Welcome back Ruth. Great job on losing those 11 lbs and keeping them off!.

It's totally fine and may even help you lose more if you feed your body extra for the hard work it's doing.

My family and I did a week course on sign language a number of years ago from a missionary to northern NM deaf. It was amazing to see what the Lord can do through your hands.

Charlie said...

Strength training can defnitely make you hungrier. I know that's how I am. I agree with Dani, adding more protein does keep you fuller longer.

Congratulations on keeping the 11 lbs. off.