Monday, February 21, 2011

My first journal post is really a prayer request…I have a deep chest cough and am barely making it out of bed. Wow, I was doing great on my exercises and food. I found some great exercises for people that have numbness or tingling in the hands (see fitness tips.) I got all my ‘good food’ purchased. Followed the set-up plan from Dani. Now my first week is almost gone. But what do I miss the most? Being able to write to all of you and feel like we are on this journey together. Hopefully my second week will be healthier. I am hoping to add a 20 minute brisk walk with our puppy as soon as I can make it downstairs!
Thank you for praying, Anita


Charlie said...


For now, just concentrate on getting better. That's the most important. You'll be stronger before you know it and will be able to exercise again.

Take care of yourself,

Donna said...

Sometimes you have to stop in order to go forward. Take time to get well. Just prayed for you.

KathyH said...

Make sure you are really better before starting exercising again otherwise that cough will stick around for longer!

Just prayed for you.


Kathy <><