Saturday, February 19, 2011

My fitness journey

Hello ladies My Name is Catherine this is my second fitness challenge with Danielle and many of you. I lost weight and felt great after the first one life got crazy and I didn't keep up with the last one but I'm back on track and trying to get my health regimine back too! With Him I can do this! I am the wife of a factory worker and the mother of 3 very active boys one with special needs. I think part of my struggle happens when I forget I cannot be the wife and mother God intends me to be if I'm not healthy. I am always doing things for my family which is very important to my role as wife and mother but I need this challenge to remind me that I need to do things for my health! I gained some weight over the holidays and am almost back to my pre holiday weight at 223lbs My ultimate goal is 180 but my goal for this challenge is 200. I will keep sweating and eating right and He will make it happen. I haven't posted my measurements yet because I haven't found the direction on where to measure. I know Danielle said they were here and I will find them i'm just not too computer saavy and haven't had time to get going but I needed to make this post to get on track!
In Him
Cathie <3


CindyP said...

Hi, Catherine.
Where are you from?
I definitely hear you on needing to be healthy to take care of our hubbies and kids, and struggling to find that balance.
Many prayers to you,

~Catherine~ said...

Cindy I live in Macedon, NY Now I grew up in Sodus, NY the little town next door to the little town Dani grew up in. Her Mom was my bus driver and her Dad was my Sunday school teacher. how about you?

CindyP said...

My hubby, Jeff Plyter, went to Sodus H.S. and Bible Baptist Church of Sodus, and he just told me April was his bus driver for many years. I grew up in Mendon (HF-L), and now we are in Newport News VA b/c he's in the Navy. Most of my family still lives in NY (williamson and greece).

~Catherine~ said...

WOW it's a small world I went to school with Jeff and Tom! Jeff is a little older than I and I'm a year older than Tom. I was SCS Class of 95! and Yes the Bible Baptist church of Sodus is where I met Danielle and the rest of the Hopkins family aswell as the Plyters and many other wonderful families <3

Dani Joy said...

How great you two have connected. I am smiling at these comments. I can´t believe it. What a small world! and you get connected on a blog made from Spain! It´s a God thing!!! ;) Praise HIM!

Love you both and am cheering for you!

Cathy, you can do all things through Christ, like you wrote in your post and I am so glad you are looking to HIM. He is the reason we want to live and live well!

Big hugs,
Dani Joy

CindyP said...

Cathy -
Jeff wracked his brain last night trying to put a face to a "cathy". I think he even went to find his year book. :)
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Dani Joy said...

Tell Jeff, that Cathy came to church with my family often. I think even though jr high and maybe highschool. Right Cathy?

Well, it was a long time ago. It seems like another lifetime for me. like almost as if It were a lifetime for a totally different person. Now doesn´t that sound weird.

God uses all of our past cirmumstances to mold us and make us.

Dani Joy

KathyH said...

What fun and what a small world it really is! Although (bar Dani and Rosa) you're 'only' my cyber buddies I love hearing about these connections.

Anyhow Catherine, you're doing great especially with juggling the heavy load you have. We're here to pray and cheer you on to every new milestone.

Keep springing!


Kathy <><

~Catherine~ said...

Thanks <3