Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skate In!

Hi Ladies,

I've been doing a variety of things for exercise, from simply walking briskly to aerobics to ice skating as a family. On Friday our whole family went ice skating. The day was so warm, around 32 F, and we even saw one guy skating in just a muscle shirt and shorts! We had a great time, and the kids want to skate at least once a week.



Charlie said...

Oh how fun! Living in Tucson, AZ, we don't have anywhere to ice skate. I could seriously hurt my self trying. LOL!!! I have never been ice skating and can't even roller skate. My son loves to roller skate though. I guess it's something I've never learned to do. It looks like loads of fun. I've even purchased a pair of skates for myself. Just too chicken to try. From the looks of my son while roller skating, all sweaty and stuff, it is a great workout.

Have a great Lord's Day!

Dani Joy said...


You guys look warm and so athletic! ;) What a great family activity. I love it!!!

It is fun, Charlie. ;) I can see you doing really well at it. at least rollar blading.

I want to get out Blading now badly. I will do that this week, Lord willing.

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

I can ice skate and roller skate, but I've never tried roller blading. They opened up a roller blading rink here in town (a VERY BIG deal for here) and my son went there for his birthday. I was too chicken to try. What do you think, Dani Joy, is it similar to ice skating? If I can ice skate, should I be able to fairly easily pick up roller blading?


Donna said...

1) I don't like cold weather.
2) I have no balance.
3) I've already broken my neck once.
= I'm going to abstain!
I hear it's fun, though!
Tami, do you know Kevin and Jessica Jones? They're in Siberia. Jessica is my cousin.

Siberia said...


Yes, I do know Kevin and Jessica, and I know she is your cousin. Our church supported her family too, years ago. We have gone to see Kevin and Jessica twice, and had a wonderful time with their family. They are relatively close to us, considering Siberia. It's just an overnight ride on the train.


KathyH said...

What fun! We have a skating rink in our town but as yet I'm to wary of over doing it and ending up flat on my back.

Dani Joy said...

It is very similar, Tami! My youngest who likes to rollar blade could ice skate fairly well his first time. I think it, has a lot in common.

I actually rollarskated on four wheels and it was harder for me than rollar blades. haha.

Dani Joy