Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alice week 2 journal post 2

Yesterday I had to pick up something at the post office so I put my sneakers on and walked briskly there. It only took a little over 10 minutes to get there so I walked across the street to the park and kept walking until I reached an hour. Today I went to the track after dropping the kids off at school and did laps for an hour. I wasn't able to maintain the pace jogging for very long (I used to be able to run for 30 minutes) so I guess I will have to keep working.
Food wise, I made the whole wheat pasta I bought the other day and ate that on Sunday while the kids had regular spaghetti noodles. I've made some other whole wheat for regular substitutions with bread and bagels. This morning when I weighed I was UP a pound. It was pretty frustrating. Makes me want to just go finish the bag of cookies that I opened up on Saturday.

As far as exercise, I have done much better this week than last. I only missed 2 days and one of those was Sunday. Got to be thankful for small victories.


Cindy B. said...

Don't give up. Sometimes after a day or two of doing right, it takes a day or two to show up on the scale. That's why weighing once a week is better than everyday, though I do it everyday. Remember that Wii Fit tells you that your weight can vary up to 2 lbs during a day depending on when you weigh. So keep up the good work, and don't give in and eat that box of cookies. -- cii bii

Dani Joy said...

You will see some increase before you see a decrease. Some of the consequences of letting go for awhile. The body will want to hang on to its storage. Try to cut back on salt and drink more water. This is what I have to work on this week.

Great Job walking and running. Hang in there and stay consistant. It will pay off like all the other times.

Dani Joy