Monday, March 28, 2011

Reach for a smaller plate!

Here is a tip that I keep having to remind myself to do. I remember many years ago visiting a friend when we were on furlough. Since we were by ourselves that morning she offered me cereal for breakfast. The interesting and shocking thing was when she got out 2 small bowls smaller than dessert dishes, and she poured the cereal half way full. I think my mouth must have dropped open which I quickly shut. No wonder she was almost 40 and had a flat stomach! I have never forgotten that, and I have to admit that I eat a lot more for breakfast than 3 tablespoons of cereal. But I have learned to serve my foods or snacks on smaller plates. It does help!


junglewife said...

That is a great tip to remember. The smaller the plate the smaller your portions. It is hard to have a small portion on a large plate (not impossible, but harder!) but much easier if you have a small plate! I will have to remember this tip!!!

Dani Joy said...

funny! I would have laughed out loud I think at the small bowl. tee hee.

Great tip though. I do normally eat on a small plate so that I don´t over eat.

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

That sounds like a great tip. I'll have to remember it.