Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seafood! Nix the Fix Review and Water!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick picture of our very healthy seafood feast we had over the weekend! Come to N. Spain to visit me and we will serve you up some increadible seafood!

Nix the Fix Review -

This is just one week without sugar and bad carbs, but remember there are a lot of options out there and we should try to live this way for life!

 Maltitol is in a lot of products. ie. my no sugar added chocolate!!! It is a sugar alcohol. It goes into the blood stream much slower. It is used by diabetics and in a lot of products now. As far as I know it does not have the same affects as aspertame. We just have to watch the empty calories in the desserts it comes in. ;)

A natural sugar substitute is Stevia. It is sweeter than sugar, but I have heard they have come out with a new form that does not have the bad after taste of the previous version.

If you are unable to get these products or things sugar free, try eating more fruit or even cheese for a snack. Cheese can contain a lot of fat so if you can get light that is even better.

I realize that many can´t get the same choices or they are more expensive. Please, don´t fret. The 10 points are yours if you can eat even healthier than before. Basically cutting out the pastries and junk food (soda is a junk food and we should really limit the diet soda too to one a week)

That is the main jist of Nix the Fix. ;)

I hope this helps.

Don´t forget to put your points for water- I almost did forget to put them today. I will include water points to the end of the challenge. 2 points for 2 liters of water Kind of wonderful that water is so wonderful! ;)

Springing with ya,
Dani Joy


junglewife said...

Mmmm.... seafood! Being up in the mountains that is NOT something that we can get fresh up here... and when it does show up, I don't like to buy it - who knows how it has been packed for transport - yuck! So we enjoy our fish when we go to the coast and stick to pork, chicken, and beef up here!

Charlie said...

That meal looks so good. I treat Trevor and I occasionally to a seafood buffet. Maybe once a month. I love seafood so much. Trevor definitely eats his monies worth of seafood. The best thing is seafood is so good for you.

I did it, I did it. I'm so excited. I ate very healthy today. I also drank my 2 L pitcher of water and then some. I knew I drank enough water, but I wanted to be sure. So I filled up my 2 L pitcher and it was empty before we left for church. Of course I drank some more when we got home.

My sweetner of choice is Organic Blue Agave. It's kind of like honey but it has a lower glycemic level. Which means it goes into your system much slower. I don't use very much of it. I've had this bottle now for a few months.

Let's see how well I do tomorrow.

Let's pray that we make healthier choices this week.

Vicki King said...

Glad you mentioned the Stevia. We brought some back with us from our little trip to the States. Plus I have been looking for some more here. We can get it - actually the price isn't too bad, just not as many varities as in the US. But to me the little price difference is worth the health benefits!! I have been doing some research online about baking with stevia. Maybe I can do an experiment before this challenge is over and let everyone know how it goes. It would be SO MUCH healthier!

rosa said...

Daniela una foto muy bonita y una comida muy buena ,eres una buena anfitriona ,no enseƱes esas fotos.... que todos queremos ir avisitarte un abrazo y otra vez gracias dejarme participar en tu desafio