Saturday, April 9, 2011

melting the pounds off

The weather here in Spain is getting warmer. It looks like we are going to have a short spring and maybe head right into summer. If the weather gets too much hotter, I will have to start making some adjustments in my workouts because it is just too hot in the middle of the day to be out jogging. I will need to get it done as early in the morning as possible, or have my hubby go with me and do it at night when things start to cool down a bit. Of course, the cardio boxing on the wii can be done inside but our living room gets really hot from the afternoon sun so I will still want to do that early in the morning too.

The kids and I walked to the park this afternoon but the bright sun and the lack of water bottles meant that we pooped out quickly. I wasn't too concerned as it was my third workout today. So it was all "gravy" anyway for me. I did an hour of cardio boxing on the wii early this morning after I had to get up to get my teenagers out to a youth rally at 6:30. I seriously thought about going back to bed but since I ate a few too many pieces of pizza with the kids last night, I knew I had better workout instead. Then this afternoon while I watched "Extreme Home Makeover" I jogged in place for an hour.

This week I saw 133 on the scale. I only saw it for a day but I did see it so I know that it is within my grasp. I am going away with the kids and a girl from our church on vacation at the end of next week through Easter. So many of our family traditions revolve around special food treats that we eat once a year at Easter-time so I am pushing hard this week knowing that I will relax a bit while we are away. Of course, Tuesday I already know will be my free day on the diet as it is Ben and Jerry's Free Ice Cream Day. That is a family tradition to go to the mall and get free ice cream from B&J's. I will try to be good and stop after one scoop (or maybe 2?).


Cindy B. said...

Good job, Alice! I think you will hit 500 pts before the end of the challenge. Glad you are seeing the pounds melting off, and with all the exercise you are doing, you should be very fit for vacation and for furlough. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to me and to others! Enjoy the week with the kids. -- cii bii

Dani Joy said...

oh my word!!! you have Free Ben and Jerry´s day???? What??? that almost makes it worth it to go down there to Madrid right now!! jejeje

Enjoy, but yes, keep the goal in mind and keep springing away!

I can´t believe you have almost 500 points and you started after all of us! amazing job!

Dani Joy