Friday, April 29, 2011

Well, ladies, we have finally come to the end of another fitness challenge. I always enjoy being a part of these because it is just the extra motivation I need to really push and see results in my fitness journey. I didn't lose as much weight as I had hoped this challenge - only 3 lbs. - but am glad for all the hours of excercise I did and hopefully some muscle built that resulted in less weight loss on the scale but more good long run. I did also lose a few inches here and there, which of course is always positive! I am not very good at posting - I find it hard enough to keep up with three preschoolers and get my excercise in and good cooking done. :) But I have enjoyed reading most of the other posts and seeing how others have done over the last few weeks. I don't have any pictures of me excercising, but here is a picture that was taken last month of our family looking over the city where we now live. May you all have a wonderful summer and keep up the good habits we have been establishing the last few weeks!


Dani Joy said...

Awesome job!

How many inches did you lose?

I am so excited for your fitness journey. You look like you did when I met you! ;) I can totally see the difference in your face.

Thank you for joining us. WE will keep on as to keep us all encouraged on our fitness journeys.

big hugs
Dani Joy

Vicki King said...

3 inches lost Dani - not so much but one whole inch was in the waist area. :)