Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Ladies,

I haven't given an upday for a week because I gained 5 pounds with my menstrual period and was very discouraged. I saw the link for loosing belly fat and tried it for about 5 days and lost that weight and an extra 3. Thank you whoever put that on. My current measurements are as follows: Weight 95.6#, the rest in is inches, bust 45, chest 39, hips 49.5, right thigh 23, left thigh 23, right arm 15, left arm 14. I lost 3 pounds and 5+ inches. I stilll have a very long way to go. Thanks for your encouragement. Thank you very much to the wonderful woman who did the calculation on the Excel file! That has made this so easy!

Blessing in Christ Jesus our Lord,



Dani Joy said...

Awww bless your heart! Praise the Lord you didn´t give up. seeing the scales fluctuate can be frustrating but don´t let it get to you, just keep on track. exercising everyday and cutting back on your salt intake will help so much.

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Charlie said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you. It is so encouraging to see the scale move in the right direction. The fluctuations drive me crazy. We just have to keep at it. So glad you are sticking with it.

Praise the Lord!