Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sarah D Week 2 results

Well, it wasn't until I was replying to an e-mail from Dani Joy this morning that I remembered it was weigh-in day. I wasn't expecting great results, especially because my weigh-in last week was on Friday, and how much can things really change in just 5 days, right? Well, I was down THREE pounds! I am so excited! I was down 1 inch, too, overall, so I am wondering where in the world those three pounds came off of, if I am only down one inch :-) But that is encouraging!

I had a rough night with my youngest kiddo last night so I was contemplating just throwing in the towel and not exercising this morning. But with three pounds lost, that is incentive enough for me to keep up the exercise! So I did a whole hour this morning and am pretty proud of myself :-)

I also forgot to put any brown sugar on my oatmeal this morning and you know what? I barely even missed it! I do put sweetened yogurt on top, so that makes up for it a little bit... I may have to start doing this on a regular basis, since I know that I CAN!

In other news, our blender broke... so I need to order a new one from the States. Yes they do sell blenders here but mine actually is an attachment for my Bosch mixer, so I really need the one that goes with the mixer - it uses the mixer motor and is just the blender part. But that means, in the meantime... no smoothies for lunch. :-( They were such a nice easy way to get a filling lunch without a lot of calories. I am not sure what I am going to do until I get my blender... maybe I can borrow from someone who will be gone on furlough :-)


Sarah K said...

Congratulations! Way to keep up the good work!

Charlie said...

Great job! Wow 3lbs is really something to get excited about.

The points are really motivational.