Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dani´s Journal 4 - CCCIII


I had a much better day!!! My headaches went a way, praise the Lord! Thank you all for praying.

We exercised doing the Ripped in 30 dvd with Cornelia, prayed and had a nice little date with my hubby. ( just a nice drink and a "tapa")

Hope you all are sticking with it!!

Big hugs
Dani Joy


junglewife said...

Oh! I didn't see the "sweet free" thing until halfway through the day today! Maybe I will do it Thursday through Wednesday instead of Wednesday through Tuesday...

Glad you are feeling better!!!

junglewife said...

So, just wanted to clarify, what do you mean by "sweet free"? Like, no cookies, candy, etc? Or also including anything with added sugar, like a spoonful of sugar in coffee?

Sarah W. said...

I know...I had already had two ginger snaps, but I deducted my points like a good girl. :) hehehehe.

Please clarify....is honey okay in the coffee or no? Or is that up to us in terms of our weaknesses? For me sweets means none of the goodies.....cakes, cookies, chocolate......Oh man....this is really gonna challenge me! You've hit on my weak spot and I love it! Okay....maybe not so much but let's just say it needed to be hit on! :) ha!

Dani Joy said...

I am sorry to not get back to you ladies, nor to get it in an email. you both may go Thursday to Wed. if you would like on this one. I will try to get my updates out by mail from here out.

It is anything that is junk sweet. like candies, cakes, ect. I will post that if you have choc. without added sugar or some treat with out sugar that is fine but only one a day.

I had to deduct for yesterday too. We were taken out to eat at a lovely restaurant.

Blessings and Keep Crunching it,

Dani Joy

Sarah W. said...

It's okay Dani Joy....you update when you can! I went and started yesterday and well today we had small group and I caved and had a cookie. Knowing full well that I had to deduct 2 points.......it was sorta worth it! :) ha! We have had some major water issues and have had hardly any water running through our taps this week. This morning I didn't work out because we finally did get a bit of water to which I did chores this morning instead. The day break actually helped my legs recover a bit but tomorrow I am back on! :)