Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday Morning!

Morning ladies!

It's Monday morning and I've been up since 7am, quite an achievement for me. Normally Mondays are my rest and housework day, Sunday's being so busy and my working week doesn't start til Tuesday.

Physically and emotionally the last few weeks have felt like I've been walking through mud, getting a cold and chest infection, one lot of visitors after the next. Lots of stuff going on at church etc etc. But the last 3 days I've been out walking for 1 hour each day in the beautiful autumn sunshine and this morning I feel bright as a button! Even though it's a dull morning I really want to got out walking right now, but have to stay put waiting for the heater man to turn up :/

Anyhow, here are a couple of photos I took yesterday on my walk along the river with Matt.

Kathy <><

Beautiful blue sky but we're all muffled up against the cold.

Winter sun shining through the gate into the gardens of the former Capuchin monastery.


Amy B. said...

Good morning Kathy. Thank you for posting a few pictures - I would like to see Germany someday.

It sounds like things are improving for you these last few days. Enjoy your walk later today. It is chilly here this morning in Massachusetts. I will bundle up and walk later.

Just wanted you to know that i will be praying for you today.

Dani Joy said...

YAY, Kathy! I am so happy for you.

Guess it´s my turn to have a few blah days. buh. I had a wicked headache yesterday and today. just drudging through. STill gonna exercise though, Lord willing.

Beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing! I pray you can keep up the exersise.

Big hugs
Dani Joy