Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inspiration and Encouragement!

So for two years I've had Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred and for two years I've been too scared to attempt it! :) You see I made the mistake of watching it first and well it was all over after that! Well this Challenge inspired me to give it a try. I've done it twice now and haven't died! Although I'll admit I might not have felt my legs for a good hour after I finished! :) ha!

All that to say......don't be afraid to challenge yourself, you might be surprised at what you find out! I am actually excited to see what Jillian does to me in the next 8 weeks! :)

Anyone else try something that you've never done before on these challenges?


junglewife said...

Yay, good for you! I have done the 30 day Shred quite a bit, and it is my husband's workout video of choice. I think my roadblock comes at moving up to Level 2!!! I have done Level 2 a couple times but it is just so HARD that I keep reverting back to Level 1 again :-)

Dani Joy said...

Hahaha! you know when I did the shred three years ago for the first time, the first week I couldn´t sit on the toilet. I coudln´t bend over. I hurt so badly. But I kept at it and by the time the month was over, I had lost 20 inches all over!!!! It is worth it all!

You can do it!

Sarah D, Level 2 is actually harder than level 3. Just go on to level 3 it´s more fun! lol

Try the Ripped in 30 next! It´s the best!

Crunchin with ya!
Dani Joy

junglewife said...

I agree, Dani Joy! Even after taking a few month break from the Shred, when I went back to it, I hurt SO bad! But I have really noticed, even as I have done other exercise programs, too, that my endurance has really increased on the Shred as well. Maybe I WILL just skip Level 2 and go to Level 3 :-) My husband loves it because he can get his workout in only 20 minutes, but my problem with the Shred is that it is *only* 20 minutes. I would rather do one of my 40 minute videos or go out and do 40 minutes of walk/running and get my 2 points :-) I'm not to the point yet where I would do two levels of the Shred in one day!

I don't have Ripped in 30 (and our internet is too slow to watch videos online) but I have several others of hers like No more trouble zones and also some of the Biggest Loser ones like Boot Camp, Cardio Max, etc.

Sarah W. said...

Thanks for the encouragement....I needed that for sure! Today I thought I was going to need a cane to get down the stairs! :) A friend of mine told me the same....keep at it. I swam this morning which was a nice change, but I think I will try to do another Shred tonight and just push through. I'll have to check out her other DVD's. I have a Biggest Looser one and I really enjoy that. Sarah I am like Dan....I like the 20 min, but really it's like you are putting in a 40 min workout. Dani....can that count for 2 points? :) ha! Thanks ladies for the encouragement!!!!!

Dani Joy said...

Hi Sarahs! jeje It´s like Sarah2!
You two are great! I appreciate you!

Personally the No More Trouble Zones is my favorite. I now mix them all up on my own getting in a full 40 min. non stop. I do the strength, cardio, ab, combo and just make it a little longer. I find I burn more this way. I have them all pretty much memorized and if I can keep moving, it is a great workout. Beats lugging my laptop to the church everyday to play the dvd with Cornelia too. lol. BTW, that´s all the Ripped in 30 is. It´s the Shred mixed with a lot of exercises from Jillian´s other dvds. Anything to keep moving and toning up. Mix it up and have fun with it!

oh and with the Shred I often would go out for a warm up jog first or do a fast walk after to hit the 40 Min. or split it up to a 20 min walk in the am and the Shred in the evening. Whatever works for ya´ll. ;)

Sure do love all the hype! keeps me moving too.

Crunchin with ya,
Dani Joy

Sarah W. said...

I'll have to check those out as well. Maybe after doing this DVD I'll actually be ready to move up to some more of her stuff. I already feel a bit "tighter". I am actually loosing more inches than anything right now, but that darn scale is not moving. I try not to dwell on it....I am seeing results inches wise and that's really what people see too. Thanks for your encouragement and tips....I appreciate both of you too! :)