Sunday, October 16, 2011

More of Me - Back Again

Hi, I am Cindy B. from West Hartford, Connecticut, USA. I am 56 years old and on the staff of the Farmington Avenue Baptist Church, running the church office, finances, and directing the music for our Christian School. This is my third challenge and hopefully my best. After the spring challenge ended, I intended to continue the good habits of exercise, drinking water, and eating less that I had developed. However, I got derailed when I went to Europe this summer for 2 1/2 weeks and when I got home, I never got back to it. I have regained all the weight and inches I lost since last fall. So I am starting all over again. I enjoy this challenge and appreciate Dani Joy putting it all together. "Meeting" so many new ladies from around the world with the same goals is encouraging. My goal is to physically decrease and spiritually increase. The picture was taken this summer at Blarney Castle in Ireland. Yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone!


Amy B. said...

Hi Cindy. We are cheering you on and praying for you. We WILL do this challenge! It will be fun supporting and encouraging each other.
I love the picture with the castle in Ireland. I'd love to see that someday. Have a good day!

Dani Joy said...

Hi Cindy! You can get back at it. Remember to make it a lifetime change, then you won't think about going on and off a diet. We need to eat small healthy portions constantly. Speaking to myself too.

We can do this!

Crunching with ya,
Dani Joy

Sarah W. said...

Hi Cindy! Looking forward to getting to know you! :)