Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dani´s Journal 8 - CCCIII End of Week 5


We need to write so that we can get the extra comment points. ;) haha.. well, anyway.. We start NIX the FIX tomorrow.

One point for every healthy food choice. Max. 12 points per day. 
Negative 2 points every bite of bad sugar, bad carbohydrate, or Fried food. (natural fats are ok) 

If you are unable to get whole wheat pastas, breads or high fiber carbs, you can allow yourself one portion of "white" carbs without points. 

Allow one free day with no bonus points and no negative points.

Write nix points in the bonus section of spread sheet with water points.

All other points are the same. Water, exercise, lbs, inches, posts. 

Now for my journal. I haven´t been losing weight, but I haven´t gained. I think I have gained a lot of muscle weight. I think this is what is happening. I am replacing the fat with muscle. I can see the muscle now. I will measure tomorrow.

My plan of acction this week, drink more water, cut out more carbohydrates, eat more protien, eat less at night.

Let´s push it hard to the end. We have 4 weeks left till Christmas!!

Dani Joy


Sarah W. said...

I've been checking back for High 5's....it's been pretty quiet this week hasn't it!

As for the nix the fix....I am excited about this challenge! :)

I am not sure how much results I will see from this past week either. I got slammed with a bad cold and opted rest over Jillian so I didn't get as much exercise as I wanted. It's okay though.....new week is starting and I am feeling better!

Keep it up....your inspiring me! :)

Dani Joy said...

Oh sorry you were sick. I know, it sure does take a lot out of you. I feel for those who struggle with immune diseases. I can´t even imagine.

Yippeee! I am glad for this coming week and that you are happy for it too! ;)

Hope everyone gets geared up!

Dani Joy

Vicki King said...

Yeah, this will be good to give us the extra push. Thankfully though I have changed over in the last few years and we eat mostly whole wheat bread (we get SO many good grain breads here!) and whole wheat noodles. Wondering - do you consider potatoes bad carbs? Just want to know before I eat this week. :)

junglewife said...

Would you mind clarifying more what the "healthy food choices" would be? Like, I eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning... would that count? Maybe if I put honey on it instead of a bit of brown sugar :-) Anyway, just wondering what counts... everything as long as it is not unhealthy? Thanks :-)

I would have posted a few things but our internet has been so terrible lately. It seems to be working right now so maybe I will write something up.

Dani Joy said...

Vicki, A small baked potatoe is ok. It can even be boiled or sautaed but not fried in oil. ect.

I will post a bit more about the food choices.

Hope it works good for ya´ll.

Dani Joy