Monday, September 30, 2013


Congratulations, Christmas Crunch Ladies! We made it a week! We should be feeling stronger and be wanting more exercise. Our bodies are getting into a groove! They shouldn't be craving so much sugar anymore!

 If you are still reaching for the sugary treats, try cutting out more sugar and adding in more fiber and protein. When we cut out something we must remember to put something back in. I have added in dried prunes with a piece of dark sugar free chocolate. A little goes a long way! 

Let's get down to business, if you have not posted your points for the first week, it is check in day on our Facebook group. If you don't belong to our Facebook group, or don't do Facebook, you may post your points here in the comments. Check the Point system to see how.

Exercising in increments of 20 minutes may seem strange, but I have been studying that the shorter and more intense the workout the more you burn and the more muscle you gain. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism. Michael Chang's six pack short cuts are all about this. You can learn how HIIT is the way to go. It burns more in less time!  You can also find some great workouts on the sidebar .

Don't forget to check in to keep in running for the prize! We have a surprise for our ladies at our next week check in for all those who keep crunching!

Crunching for our best,

Dani Joy

Also joining in on  Living and Active challenge.

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The Domestic Fringe said...

We made it to week two! Honestly, after the first few days, I quit being starving all the time and wanting to eat everything in sight. It's much better now. lol.

Yay for crunching!