Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,
First of all, I'd like to say what a pleasure it is to meet everyone via the CCC blog. I am just learning to "blog" (this is my very first post ever). It took me awhile, but thank you Danielle for your help :)
So far I have read some really motivating posts, and I want to say thank you for sharing. Writing this "testimony" is kind of like a self admission that I need to take action and get control of my health goals.
To share a little about me: I am thirty-four, from upstate New York, but Jacksonville, Florida is where I've called home for the past four years. My husband Rob and I have been married for ten years and we have one little love, Isabella Raine, whom we just adore. I love to travel, dance, and my favorite part of each day is picking up my daughter from school after work.
The reason I've decided to participate is because I'm having a hard time losing these 15 pounds that I've gained since I've had my daughter. I actually worked out and stayed in shape prior to and while pregnant. I love(d) to work out. That was my time to think, to pray, to meditate, relieve stress...but since I've had Isabella I just haven't been able to re-connect to that "me-time" that I value(d) and miss so much.
I've even tried to workout with my daughter with me (jogging stroller, exercise dvd's, etc) but I can't seem to change to the now "we-time" to work for her or me in a successful way.
Writing this blog has helped me to realize what my goals are: 1. Find a healthy balance between work, family and me-time (which includes exercise) and incorporate and strengthen my relationship with God in all aspects of my life; 2. Establish/develop healthy objectives and habits that will stick and help me to reach number 3. which is to be on my way to losing 15 pounds throughout the CCC...
Thanks for the inspriation ladies to get started!


Dani Joy said...

Hey, you made it! I am so glad! I really am in awe that we are actually connected on the same blog. It may be like old times.

I dare you ... no I double dare you to go jogging!! jeje

I hope that you will find only encouragement and uplifment here. Jesus is the tie that binds!

Well, old friend, I need to go to bed. Sleep is a must in weight loss and I am not doing to well in this area. Been doing some of our old all nighters on this blog. shhhhhhhh ;)

Crunch it, girl!!!

Dani Joy

Mary said...

I understand the transition to motherhood and the challenges it poses...I went through that with my son, and believe it or not, I went through it with my granddaughters...I was their babysitter, and the first day of taking of the oldest one was the first day of my weight gain. My exercise routine stopped, my eating started, and its been a battle since them...the oldest is now 15! But the youngest is 10, and finding that she has a pudgy tummy, so we're doing this together. She told me to be sure to have healthy snacks for her when she comes over,not cookies! Now that should be telling us something!

Those 15 lbs. are finally going to come off...we're all crunching that fat together!