Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello, I'm Sarah (one of the many :o) )

So nice to start meeting all of you. It's already been encouraging to read your testimonials.

My weight journey:
My weight began to be a struggle in college because of complete lack of discipline on my part, so my senior year, I decided to do something about it and became a cheerleader. This helped slim me down a bit, and it pretty much stayed off until I got married about 2 years later. I was still 10 lbs. over my high school weight, but I have to say that I was the happiest I had ever been with my body.
Again, lack of discipline has been my downfall, and after having 3 babies, I kept a souvenir 5 lbs. from each of my children--This year, I decided to take on an extra 5 just to make it an even 20 pounds. :o)
My rear end and thighs are having an "out-of-body" experience--They don't feel as though they belong to this body anymore. So now is my time to take action and start whittling away at this fat!!
Happy journey ladies!


Dani Joy said...

Hahahaha.. an out of body experiance! That is so funny! I totally relate! We are in the same boat!

Let´s crunch ´em off!

Dani Joy

Beth in NC said...

I'm sure you will do great! (Your thigh comment - lol.)

Best wishes!

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Hello Sara..welcome aboard. We are all having a great time. You are funny BUTT I can also relate. My friend had an aunt they used to call Auntie Semi. I asked my friend what nickname that came from...she said her aunt had always been overweight and her backside was like the second truck attached to the first SEMI..THUS her nickname. I say we crush, demolish, and CRUNCH IT FOREVER!

Sarah Annie said...

Thanks, ladies! I have been working hard for the past 2 days and am determined to keep it up!

Mary said...

Hi Sara...I hear ya about the backside and thighs...I call mine turkey thighs...ugly. But we're gonna zap them before Christmas, right? We're going to do this together, and it will be fun. I look forward to seeing your "after" will be great!

Crunch, crunch, crunch!