Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ticker Helps and Rules

Good morning, Ladies,

If there are any questions about the ticker still here´s how it works.

Please keep all your own points. Nina and I will be checking sometimes but really it will be hard to know unless one ticker goes zinging away with it.. so Honesty is our policy here. :)

1. click on your ticker.
2. at that new page click on update/edit
3. you first name is your pin
4. click add.
5. a new little window will pop up. add the amount of points you earned that day.
6 click accept
7 your ticker automatically will adjust. :) just go back to our blog and check it out!

Don´t worry if you can´t do a post a day. As long as you are keeping up with your points that will be good too. Exercise goes a long way! if you do 20 min a day, that´s a total of 7 points a week! And I know we will be increasing as the weeks go on! You can even count your brisk walks to the store ladies! I walked to my English class yesterday and counted that.. I hoofed it!! and Crunched it with my arms. It was 10 min there and 10 min back. If you raise your heart beat count it! ;)

I am praying for you all! This is great stuff!

In Christ,
Dani Joy
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