Saturday, October 31, 2009

No, I don't want to take my medicine!

I thought I would never hear those words. I have always been healthy! No, I don't like exercise. Yes, I'm borderline obese (have been for 6 years). I ate everything and anything, simply because I wanted it. Food was my fair weather friend. How stupid. I need my "crunch friends".

"Your blood pressure is too high" the doctor told me yesterday. "No way! I've NEVER had high blood pressure" I argued. "Well, you do now!" he retorted. This was a first and I was upset and angry.

I went to see the doctor yesterday because I am having headaches and last week, an explosive one. Dr Camino says they are not migraines. I don't care what he calls them. I only want them to disappear. But high blood pressure!?!? That's not good. I got him to agree to wait a couple of weeks to see if I can bring it down with diet and exercise. I thanked God this morning for Christmas Crunch and all of you my crunching friends. I'm praying that this challenge and the changes we are making here will be lifelong and teach us to take care of the temples God has given to us! (and that my blood pressure will come down and I can avoid the meds!) Animo ladies! Animo!


Ketty said...

Ánimo for you also Karen. I am sure you can keep up with the diet and with all of us. We are going to lose a few pounds by Christmas. And you blood pressure will go down also, another reason for you to stay with us.
I love you and I want to encourage you as much as I can. Next time I see you again I want us to go out and have a BIG, "comilona fiesta" because you will look so skinny.
WE CAN DO IT!!! :-)


Dani Joy said...

ANIMOOOOOO!!! I had tears in my eyes when I read this, Karen! You can do this thing! God is your strength!

Get off a good bit now but know it´s a change for life. It must be.

Something that keeps me thinking about this, is something I read from Jillian. She said that all that flabby skin isn´t like a rubber band. We can´t keep stretching it and expecting it to go back anytime we want. boy, I laughed but, It has stuck. don´t want my skin to stay flabby. have to stop the cycle.

I am with you Karen! Don´t get discouraged if it doesn´t come off right away though. I have heard that after a histerectomy the weight doesn´t come off as easily. I hope Charlie doesn´t mind me saying so but she also had one recently. She has lost more than 30 pounds this year. So it is possible! She started her journey in December.

Animo, Karen! un Abrazo (hugs)

Susan said...

Sorry for the news Karen, but yes, diet and exercise will certainly help get that blood pressure down.

Keep at it cruncher-friend! Loved what you said about needing your "crunch-friends". Amen to that!

Praying you will make good choices today and that even though you rec'd this bad news, may it be a personal "push" to help reach your goals and get down that bp!

ANIMOOOOOO from Argentina!

Beth in NC said...

Oh, I know that is scary Karen. I pray you'll be able to control this with weight and exercise too.

I know we can become all that we need to be in Christ -- bodies included.

momstheword said...

Oh absolutely you can bring your blood pressure down! I've heard of people who have done it with diet and exercise, so you can too!

Isn't it exciting to think that we can make healthy changes to our bodies?!

I take asthma meds and don't like to do it, but really have no choice. However, exercise is great for the lungs, and I'm all for that.

~ Nan

KathyH said...

Oh Karen!

I'm so with you on the meds, even though I have to take some myself I've been able to reduce it significantly.

You CAN to alot to help with diet and exercise but if your Dr insists after 2 weeks that it's necessary then you should follow his advice.

Keep crunching and we'll all be praying for you.


Siberia said...

Karen, I will be praying for you. Yes, you can lower your blood pressure with proper exercise and weight loss. Still, you and your doctor will need to keep a close monitor on your blood pressure. If you are not able to keep it down with the exercise, you will probably need the meds. If you start on the meds, do not stop them without your doctor's approval. I worked in a Coronary Care Unit, and many times people would stop their meds for whatever reason, and then a heart attack or stroke would happen. I don't want to scare you, but sometimes meds are necessary. I will pray in your case that they won't be.