Saturday, October 31, 2009

My spook for the day

Hey everyone, We don't really celebrate Haloween, but I had a spook today. Getting ready to get in the shower, I took a look in the mirror. Alas, that "poochy" belly is still there. Of course, I couldn't expect it to disappear in just a few days.

I got my Saturday areobic work out done. This routine is 50 minutes, and I added another 5 minutes of stretching as I was feeling a little tightness in some of my muscles. So I had 55 minutes for today, and added another 5 minutes left over from yesterday. So I was able to post 60 minutes for today.

Maybe I am just imagining it, but I think I am beginning to feel a little looser in my waist. I am waiting until Wed. to measure again, and I am hoping for some shrinking numbers!

Well, my kids are begging for lunch, so this will be it for today.

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