Friday, October 30, 2009

Exercising at the park

Ok, I am going to be brave and show you all one way of exercising I do. Every morning my dh (dear husband for the rookies :-) ) takes the kids to the park right by my house and do some exercise. I decided I was going to try to make it with them at least 2 days a week in the morning. Two more days I am going to try walking at night either alone, with the kids or with dh.
There are 11 aparatuses in the park, a great way to exercise. I even see some grandpas using them in the evening.

The good thing about doing this in the morning is that nobody is at the park, excepto for a couple of grandpas probably wondering why aren´t my kids in school, and one grandma taking a baby for a stroll. Once in a while we see a passerby, but it´s ok.


Ketty said...

Ok, I have no idea why the first 2 pics are like that. It´s ok, you get the idea of going up and down.

Dani Joy said...

This is so awesome girl!!! You win a point for creativity! I can do that can´t I??? Go for it. give yourself a point for that.

And ladies if you video and figure it out how to blog it of your workout, please be modest ;), I will give you an extra creativity point too!!! So Cool!!! Lovein it!!

Ketty said...

Jajajajajaja, thanks for the extra point, I am going to write it down right now, jajaja

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Way to go girl! I love the videos:) Looks like a fun place to work out. Keep it up!

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

excellent job and it really made me laugh...not at you but my imagination is very active jajaja!

The other day my dh was rough housing with a 5 year old in the plaza. He tripped over one of those cannon balls right in front of the whole pueblo...well mostly! We ended up at the emergency. But PTL a man that helped him up may come over for pizza with his family, resulta que es familiar del nino! oops went into Spanish...sorry. Anyways, maybe someone in the plaza may be a great contact! I'll be praying-anita

Sarah K said...

what a great park to have nearby! it is just like going to the gym - lots of the same equipment!
Great job!

Ketty said...

Thank you for the comments girl, and Cherry, you can laugh, don´t worry. Learning English taught me to laugh at myself also. I hope this will encourage people to exercise everywhere. But I will never post those pics or videos on my blog or a public blog :-) I still have a little bit o shame left on me :-)


Madridmom said...

We have those exercise machines all around. They are in a couple of local parks and they just put more in just a block or two from my house. I call them the "geriatric playground" and I need to get back to working out a couple times a week since I coudl really use some improvement in strength in my arms and legs. Maybe that would help me lose some of the flab in my arms.

Beth in NC said...

Ha, that is great!

Mary said...

What a great idea, Ketty! You are so cute doing your workout! I would love to have those things in my backyard! I can see that they would give you a good work-out. You should be shedding those pounds in no time flat...good going!

God bless,

Ketty said...

Ok, today is Saturday, and I lost 2 pounds already, I wonder why??? :-)
But I did make those panckakes that Dani suggested to me. You can read therecipe in one of my posts. Let´s see tomorrow morning if my weight is up again or not.
Plus, I am NOT going to diet on Sundays, specially because somebody invited us to eat at her house tomorrow. BUT... I will eat small portions.

The Herd said...

That's awesome!!